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Jun 27, 2012, 18:24 PM IST
  • Gorgeous Beauties
    Here are some pictures of Kazakhstan beauties.This is 23-year old Alfina. She tops the list. She is also Miss Kazakhstan 2007.
  • Kaz
    Scarlet lips
    Bayan, an actress, producer and anchorwoman, goes second.
  • Kaz
    Simply Sterling
    Alia, an actress and Miss Almaty 2011.
  • Kaz
    That's a Wrap
    Saltanat, Miss Almaty 2010.
  • Kaz
    Pretty Women
    Albina, a singer.
  • Kaz
    Lidia is a singer. She is more known as Lido.
  • Kaz
    Go Green
    Khorlan, more known as Lana, is a violinist.
  • Kaz
    Sexy Look
    Zhanar is Miss Kazakhstan 2010 first runner up.
  • Kaz
    Style Diva
    Kumis is Miss Aziada 2011.
  • Kaz
    Singing Rock
    Madina is a singer.
  • Kaz
    Leggy Lass
    Karlygash is an actress.