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Jun 27, 2012, 18:24 PM IST
  • Tree Man
    Meet the most famous freak In Arkhangelsk.
  • Strangest
    Andrey Khristoforov, most known as Drevarkh Prosvetlyonny realized at the age of 40 that he’s a tree.
  • Strangest
    Recently he was arrested on Red Square, being in his usual outfit – tatters.And at that time he didn’t call himself Vladimir Putin yet
  • Strangest
    Each time he gets a sign from heaven and changes his name to fulfill some mission.
  • Strangest
    Posing to Daughter
    Drevarkh has already changed 23 passports, and even more names. He has a right to change his name once in 10 days, passport – once a month only.
  • Strangest
    Eating Raw Meat
    The tree on the back of his head has the fourth eye what lets Drevarkh see things happening behind his back.
  • Strangest
    Weird outfits
    Drevarch (Drevesny (Tree) Archangel) is usually nude at home to be closer to nature. Though he has many weird outfits.
  • Strangest
    Poor Guy
    Drevarch has been to mental hospitals many times but has never been diagnosed. All doctors write: “he can make important decisions and participate in social life”.