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Jun 27, 2012, 18:24 PM IST
  • Space shuttle Discovery
    The space shuttle Discovery went out in high-flying style.Sabhar BBC.
  • Discovery
    Dramatic Discovery
    The world's most traveled spaceship completed its final flight and was ready to become a grounded museum relic.
  • Discovery
    But what an exit. Discovery took victory laps around the White House, the Capitol and the Washington Monument that elicited cheers and awe
  • Discovery
    Final approach
    The jet-shuttle touches down during its landing at Dulles International Airport.
  • Discovery
    Hello, landmarks
    People gather in the parking lot of the Smithsonian National Space and Air Museum in Chantilly, Virginia, to watch the arrival of the space shuttle Discovery.
  • Discovery
    Photo ops
    Shuttle Discovery soared across the D.C. sky on its way to Dulles Airport on Monday, providing amazing images with the area's most recognisable landmarks.