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Jun 27, 2012, 18:24 PM IST
  • Gadget fair
    Gadget fair in Geneva shows spirit of invention alive and well.A robot seated on a small vehicle made by the School of Business and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD) waves.
  • Geneva
    Ball Rider
    Germany's Ulli Boehme poses with his invention, the "Ball Rider", a new sport and leisure vehicle equipped with large balls as wheels.More than 789 exhibitors from 46 countries are present at one of the world's largest exhibition of the devoted to innovation from April 18th to 22th in Geneva.
  • Geneva
    A Suspender
    Italy's Marco Pagnini presents his invention, a suspender for carrying an umbrella without using hands.
  • Geneva
    Hi-tech Shoes
    A woman shows a South Korean invention to tie shoes with a single touch, shaped with a hook and a stop loop to control the tightness.
  • Geneva
    Wi-Fi Teddy
    Taiwan's Yong-Fu Chang presents his invention, two teddy bears connected by wi-fi equipped with microphones and speakers.
  • Geneva
    Protective case
    Spain's Manuel Foix Robert, left, and Victoria Gomez Gamez pose wih their invention, a protective case made with tissue that can be used for food and plants.
  • Geneva
    Parachutes for airplanes
    Yu Gao of China presents her invention, an emergency landing system of multi-layer parachutes for airplanes.
  • Geneva
    Andre Piatetsky from the US presents his invention, a treatment hairbrush fitted with a liquid-reservoir that disperse treatment solution over the user's scalp during hair brushing.
  • Geneva
    Portable tool
    South Korean Lee Beom Seok poses with his invention, a portable tool for clothing that protects against bacteria, odour and hydratation.
  • Geneva
    Football Box
    A Football Box, an invention for children which allows them to play in a miniature-sized football arena and was invented by Venezuelan Jose Pires Tavares
  • Geneva
    Baby bottle
    Hsia Jung-Wen from Taiwan presents his invention, a baby bottle equipped with a drawing which changes its colour according to the temperature of the milk.
  • Geneva
    Protective dress
    Yung-Chi Lin of Taipei presents his invention, protective equipment for high pollutant or highly toxic jobs.
  • Geneva
    Peng-Jen Chen of Taipei presents his invention, an electric folding bicycle.
  • Geneva
    Nail correcting
    Turkish inventor Fatma Gulru of Turkey with a screw nail correcting apparatus, which is a patient friendly, self applicable nail brace totally made ofapproved dental material, to avoid operations and all complications with ingrown nails.