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अविकाने दिली प्रेमाची कबुली:बालिका वधू फेम अविका गौरच्या आयुष्यात झाली 'या' व्यक्तीची एन्ट्री, फोटो शेअर करुन म्हणाली...

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  • मिलिंद चंदवानी हे अविकाच्या प्रियकराचे नाव आहे.

'बालिका वधू' या मालिकेतून घराघरांत पोहोचलेली अभिनेत्री अविका गौर हिच्या आयुष्यात एका खास व्यक्तीची एन्ट्री झाली आहे. तिला तिचे प्रेम मिळाले आहे. अविकाने नुकतीच एक पोस्ट शेअर करत आपल्या प्रेमाची कबुली दिली आहे. आपल्या इन्स्टाग्रामवर तिने तिच्या प्रियकरासोबतचा एक फोटो शेअर केला असून त्याच्यासाठी खास पोस्ट लिहिली आहे. त्यामुळे सध्या अविका आणि तिच्या प्रियकराची चर्चा होतेय. मिलिंद चंदवानी हे अविकाच्या प्रियकराचे नाव आहे. तिने शेअर केलेल्या छायाचित्रात हे दोघेही गोव्याच्या समुद्र किनारी रोमँटिक अंदाजात दिसत आहेत.

अविकाने मिलिंदसाठी लिहिलेल्या पोस्टची सुरुवात 1947 मधील आयकॉनिक फ्रेंच गाणे La Vie En Rose ने केली आहे. याचा अर्थ आयुष्य खूप सुंदर आहे असा होतो. ती म्हणते, 'माझ्या प्रार्थनेला यश आले. माझ्या आयुष्यातील प्रेम मला मिळाले आहे. माझे जग पूर्ण करण्यासाठी मनापासून आभार.' माझ्या आयुष्यातील एक महत्त्वाचा अध्याय सुरु होतोय, असेही ती पुढे म्हणाली आहे.

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La vie en rose. My prayers have been answered. I have found the love of my life! (Shiroo ke alava😂) This kind human is mine. And I’m his.. forever.. We all deserve a partner that understands us, believes in us, inspires us, helps us grow & truly cares for us. But, most of us feel that it's impossible to find such a partner. So, it feels like a dream, but it’s real! So so so real! I pray for all of you .. I want u all to feel what I’m feeling today.. Utmost joy.. Abundance of love.. My heart is so full and the feeling is precious. I thank God for giving me this experience that’s going to be most important chapter of my life... Haha... Nahi nahi, not getting married or anything so soon... Lekin “log kya kahenge” waale thoughts toh ab jaa chuke hai.. isiliye is pyaar ke baare mein khule aam batana chahti thi.. I feel so blessed that I feel this emotion right now for someone who entered my life with the intention of just making me smile.. Today I can proudly say that this idiot is making my heart smile.. Ufff ... challo itne paise mein itna hi milega🤓 isse zayada tareef karungi toh Mr. Chandwani chand tak udega.. 🤪 Well, I’m aware yeh kaafi ganda joke tha, but pura credit goes to his sense of humour! Like they say “sangat ka asar”😜 Challo jao sab khush raho ab 🥰 I love you from the bottom of my heart❤️Thanks for completing me. 😊 @milindchandwani Pc @j.v.d23

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अविकाची रोडिज फेम मिलिंद चंदवानीसोबतची पहिली भेट एका एनजीओच्या वर्कशॉप दरम्यान झाली होती. त्यानंतर हळूहळू त्यांच्यात सुत जुळले. मिलिंदनेही सोशल मीडियावर अविकासोबतचा एक रोमँटिक फोटो शेअर करुन प्रेमाची कबुली दिली आहे.

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Life is really unpredictable & you find the right people when you least expect them. 😊 This kind soul entered my life to help me create a larger impact with the children that I worked with. She got so immersed in our work that I almost forgot that she was a well-known celebrity. She hosted our trainings at her house, taught our kids drama & dance, took care of them when we traveled for competitions, helped us raise more funds and so much more. Her kindness, humility & cheerful nature kept me in awe of her everyday. She stood with me when things got really hard & ensured that I never felt low. Today, I'm happy to share that this beautiful soul is an integral part of my life. No no, not getting married yet, but yes, we are together. 😊 I love her. Oh wait, she's reading this as well. I love you, beautiful. 😊 Thanks for being patient with me. You've grown phenomenally in the last year or so & I love how you're still consciously trying to evolve into an even better human every day. I know you think that I made you a better person, but as I always say, I just made you see yourself from my eyes. You guide me when I feel lost, you scold me when I'm not at my best behavior with my family, you brainstorm with me when I run short of creativity, you push me when I act lazy(Oh wait, I do that), you celebrate every small success with me and a thousand other things. So, thanks for all that you do for me & with me. I'm proud of you & hence, I'm proud of being with you. 😊 PS - Now please transfer the payment for this post. 😂😂 PPS - @shiroo_chihuahua loves me more. 😎 @avikagor PC - @j.v.d23

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अलीकडेच वजन कमी केल्याने आली होती चर्चेत
अविकाने काही दिवसांपूर्वीच इन्स्टाग्राम पोस्टद्वारे तब्बल 13 किलो वजन कमी केल्याचे सांगितले होते. तिचा फॅट टू फिटच्या प्रवासाचेही तिने एका नोटमध्ये वर्णन केले होते. वजन कमी करून आणि एक नवी त्वचा मिळाल्याने खूप खुश आहे, असे ती म्हणाली होती.

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I still remember one night last year, when I looked at myself in the mirror & I broke down. I didn't like what I saw. Big arms, legs, a well earned belly. I had let go too much. If it were due to an illness(Thyroid,PCOD, etc), it would be okay because that would be out of my control. But, it happened because I ate anything & everything, and I didn't workout at all. Our bodies deserve to be treated well, but I didn't respect it. As a result, I disliked the way I looked so much that I couldn't even completely enjoy dancing (which I love) without thinking "how I must look right now". I got so busy judging myself & feeling bad that I didn't leave any scope for outsiders to make me feel bad. Such insecurities run in the head all the time & they make us feel tired & irritated. Hence, I would often snap at my loved ones. Well, one fine day I decided that it was enough, and that I must evolve. Nothing changed overnight. I just started to focus on the right things... things that I should be proud of(like dancing). I kept trying to eat better & working out, and I had various setbacks. But, it was important that I didn't stop. And my people were constantly there to guide me. Long story short, I looked at myself in the mirror this morning & I didn't feel the need to look away. I smiled at myself, and told myself that I'm beautiful. And you, the person reading this, you are beautiful as well. We all have a lot to offer & we must actively work on that, rather than feeling sad about what we can't do. But, we MUST do what's in our control. Today, I am comfortable in my own skin. Today, I'm peaceful. And I hope you are too? Share your stories of self-love in the comments. Let's make self-love cool! - Love & Light Avika☀️

A post shared by Avika Gor (@avikagor) on Oct 27, 2020 at 8:17pm PDT

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